Monday, September 15, 2008

Exhaustion, Annoying People, Books and My New Love Chuck

The 5K went well. I'd estimate I ran about half of it. Today every muscle in my body - including ones I didn't know were used for running - aches like mad, plus the plantar faciitis in my left foot is awful. I couldn't even put weight on it last night and I was in tears with the pain. BUT I FINISHED MY FIRST 5K!! And I have the free t-shirt to prove it.

After, I went to MoMA with the family for the last day of the Dali exhibit. OK, so my advice to the world is to NEVER go to MoMA on a weekend or on the last day of a major exhibit. It was horrifying. It's not just that it was crowded - I live in New York, I can handle crowded. But the people were rude, self-righteous idiots that thought they were art scholars. And this is a different sort of rude and self-righteous than I am - my style of rude and self-righteous is charming. haha. Anyhoo, these people would squeeze up within inches of the paintings (seriously, I saw someone get yelled at by a guard for touching) and stand completely in the way of both the painting and the placard with information. And of course the crowd was insane in front of The Persistence of Memory - which is ironic because that painting is in MoMA's permanent collection. Seriously, though, the crowd around the Mona Lisa was smaller and less frantic than the jackasses at this Dali show. What a waste of $12.

So I cut out of MoMA and headed to the Brooklyn Book Festival. The phrase "book festival" sends a geektastic shiver down my spine. I love books. The main reason I went was because Chuck Klosterman was making an appearance. He read a chapter from his new novel, then I bought one of his older books (they were all out of the new one) and had it signed. I'm mildly in love with him now. And the book, Downtown Owl is really good so far. Ed Parks, who wrote Personal Days and Charles Bock, whose book title I can't think of right now, also did readings and signings.

Nerd swoon.

Also, I recently noticed that I dress like a male hipster. Not on purpose.

I'm very upset because I splattered barbecue sauce all over the front of my brand new yellow Threadless tee. I hope the Spray N Wash does its job.

Another playlist to come soon. Also, I just had to add "playlist" to my dictionary, but "PlayStation" was already on the list. Go fig.

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